Revenue Based Loans or Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is an alternative financial product that helps small businesses meet their urgent business needs - whether it's increasing staff, buying new equipment, paying for repairs or meeting payroll in a difficult month.

MCAs give you quick access to your future sales in exchange for a percentage of your daily sales. An MCA is not a loan - it's simply a way to get instant access to your future sales. Although these products sound similar, there is a significant difference in what factor your repayment is based on. Loans charge you a fixed amount each month, while MCAs are based on your projected sales - so if your sales fluctuate, so will your payment amounts. This means more flexibility in repayment and more room to breathe.

Another key benefit of MCAs is the unique ability to disburse funds FAST. When you apply for a traditional bank loan, you typically don't see the money in your account until weeks, if not months, later. With MCA, we are able to transfer your funds within 24 hours of your application. Less red tape, less headaches, less hassle.